Josep Rodríguez Segurado

"Kabbalah has taught me to stop whining. Even though life’s challenges still affect me, I take control and think about how these situations are here to show me that I can get through anything, and I know that behind every difficult moment there is an opportunity to grow that I can’t afford to miss. These moments push me to constantly say “next”!


“Kabbalah has taught me how stop to my reactive nature and how control my reactions in a different way, like how to leave the past in the past. I have also learned how to listen to my inner voice and not the voice of my inner opponent.”

Pascale Sossah

“Kabbalah has helped me understand that the true magic of life is sharing, how to put my heart and consciousness into everything that I do, and how to love myself and in turn love others. We are all part of the same universe regardless of our differences, and by eliminating these differences we can change the world. In my life, Kabbalah has been transformation. It has showed me that I control the sails on my boat, and that the power to change everything is in me.”

Luisa Argueta

Paolo de Aguilar

Miriam Blanco

“I deeply believe in the idea that every human being is born with a purpose for this life, and is what kabbalah teaches. Before I began studying Kabbalah, I had no clue what my purpose was, or even who I really was, nor did I understand my capacity or my inner strength… I was just a lost soul wondering aimlessly through life. My life had been reduced to, yes, being a good person, but I was only thinking about myself, my own selfish needs and, albeit not in a conscious

manner, I was living a very egocentric life. My life was an emotional “roller-coaster” filled with short-lived moments of happiness, other moments of sadness, but mostly just deep internal frustration. When I started studying Kabbalah it was as if, literally, the Light came into my life; as if someone had removed the blindfold. I began to get to know myself and find the meaning of my existence. I started fighting for the things I wanted, and began making more positive decisions for myself and for the people close to me. However, above all and most importantly, I began to understand how to confront the challenges of life, because after all, that is the wisdom of Kabbalah, a technology for the soul and a guide for how to be truly happy and fulfilled. It has been more than 5 years since I began this journey and I feel such deep gratitude. I know that there is still so much more to learn and improve, but I have complete certainty that I’m on the right track."

“Kabbalah has helped me discover who I really am, my true potential and all the tools I have to develop it. Thanks to Kabbalah, every morning when I wake up, I can face the game of life; I have the rules and strategies of that will help me reach my destiny. Before Kabbalah, my problems made me feel like I was trapped in a box that I couldn’t escape from. Now they are like pinball: my problems simply help push me to my next level. Additionally, I know I can count on the Kabbalah community. I can face unknown and uncomfortable situations because I know that I have a strong community of people who are there to support me, and I am not alone. Oh! And ever since I started studying Kabbalah, I find myself laughing much more often…”




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Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 19:15

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Location: Protea Wanderers Hotel, Corner Corlett Drive and Rudd Rd., Illovo

The Power of Kabbalah

The Power of Kabbalah

What is the true purpose of life? What stands in the way of your everlasting fulfillment? How to find your true calling?

Kabbalah is a 5000 years old wisdom that contains the long-hidden keys to the secrets of the universe as well as to the mysteries of the human heart and soul.


We each came into this world with special gifts and unique powers. Being both enlightening and practical, Kabbalah teaches us how to activate that power and encourages us to expand who we are in order to succeed in all aspects of our lives, as well as connect and understand the root of our soul.


It’s a universal wisdom that anyone can study, regardless of background or belief system.


Join us for a free introductory lecture and discover some basic principles and tools of this universal wisdom.


LIVE in Johannesburg!